Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beauty Supply Mini Haul!


Today I have a mini haul from a Beauty Supply store, and no, I do not mean Sally Beauty Supply.  Recently, I finally ventured into a little beauty supply store for the first time.  I had been meaning to go, but always kept driving past on my way elsewhere.  Except for the other day.  I decided that that day was the day.  And boy am I glad I did go in!  I found recent OPI collections, bits and pieces of old collections, and probably many core colors...all for cheaper than anywhere I've ever seen.  Also in the store was Essie, China Glaze and a couple other brands (again, all discounted).  But what I was most excited about was actually seeing ZOYA POLISHES in person!!  Recent collections, core colors...and for around $5!!

I managed to really behave myself--I walked out the door with 4 bottles, all from different brands (my excuse was 2 of them were the last of their color).  Could have bought a lot more...didn't...for now.  That store is definitely on my radar now for polish shopping.  Knowing what all was carried would have saved me the shipping charges on my Minnie Mouse collection I ordered from Amazon at the start of June.

So, on to what polishes I did purchase!

Essie in Silver Bullions #199
--This was the only bottle of it--
Northern Lights Holographic topcoat in Gold
(from Out the Door)
--Sally Beauty Supply doesn't carry the Gold version--
China Glaze in Luxe and Lush from the Hunger Games collection
--This is the first time I've seen this particular polish in person & it was the only one--
Zoya in Indigo
--First time I've ever seen a Zoya polish in person--
--I was attracted by the little holographic particles in the polish--

How often do you go into a little shop for the first time and wonder why you took so long to visit? 

**All products purchased by me

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