Friday, July 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul!


Today, I am finally getting around to posting what all I bought from Bath and Body Works during their Semi-Annual Sale (which ended a few days ago).  When I went, I went with a purpose:  I wanted to get as many fragrance mists that matched the body creams/lotions that I already have.  That is exactly what I walked out of the store with too.  I just wish that I had thought of this mission for the last few times they ran the sale so that I could be more matched up.  

--Sorry my pictures are a little on the dark side.  It's not easy taking pics of clear/lightly tinted shiny bottles.

 Fine Fragrance Mists 
Into the Wild and Forever Sunshine
 Fragrance Mists in
Country Chic and Dark Kiss
Fragrance Mists in
Moonlight Path and Black Raspberry Vanilla

I think that I spent less than $20 and walked out with 6 fragrances sprays which will last me a really long time.  I am a little bit confused on what the difference is between the "Fine Fragrance Mists" and "Fragrance Mists"...besides the bottle shapes and prices.  Oh, well.  I wanted sprays that matched my lotions and body creams and that is what I got.

Did you get anything from Bath & Body Works during their Semi-Annual Sale?  Can you enlighten me on the difference between the 2 types of mists that I got?

**all products purchased by me

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