Tuesday, July 24, 2012

After Party nails...revisited


Today I have a nail design that is a first for me:  chevron.  I was wearing Orly's After Party and kept looking at the sparkles in it and I wanted to do something that would go with the teals and pinks I was seeing.  And then I remembered seeing nails done with a chevron on the tips on lots of blogs.  I thought, if I'm going to play I might as well really play so I used 2 different colors to do the chevron with.  I can't really find any body's blog that is similar to what I ended up with.  I ended up liking my design pretty well.

So...here's what I did

  • existing mani of Orly After Party

Lamp light
  • free-handed diagonal tips on in Hard Candy Frenzy--2 coats
  • coat of quick-dry top coat
Lamp light
I thought that Hard Candy's Frenzy went really well with the teal shimmer in After Party
  • free-handed diagonal tips on (going opposite direction) in Revlon Top Speed Bubble--2 coats
  • coat of quick-dry top coat
Indirect sunlight through window
Revlon's Bubble matched color-wise to the pink-magenta shimmer, despite the shimmer not showing up :/

My nails did get a little thick looking on the tips by the time I got done (especially when I did my left hand since I'm not right-handed) but overall, I really do like the look.  It might have also helped if I had used tape to get the lines more precise.  But I do think that if I do this same look again, I might switch the teal and pink colors since I see more teal shimmers than pink...I also have another idea that I might try out sometime too.  I was also thinking of trying something else with After Party and didn't do it before the chevron.  Maybe I should get out the nail wheel to try out my ideas so I don't forget them.  Hmm...there might be yet another revisiting to After Party at some point.

What do you think of my first attempt at a chevron mani?  Any tips to make it better?

**all products purchased by me / my opinions and combinations are my own

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