Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Nails!


I thought today I would show the mani that I will be sporting for the 4th of July holiday.  (At the end of the post I will also include a link to my Memorial Day nails since it is appropriate as well as a link to last year's 4th of July nails--boy have my techniques changed since then.) I decided to use blue as the base color for this time since for Memorial Day I went with red as a base.

For this year's look, here's what I did:

  • base coat of Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler base coat
  • 2 coats of Orly Stone Cold  
  • 1 coat Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash fast dry top coat
Orly Stone Cold is a beautiful shimmery kind-of dark blue polish.  
I did have a little bit of staining on my skin during clean up.  :(

  • taped off part of my ring fingers (first time I've ever tried it)
  • 2 coats of Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar 
  • 1 coat of the same quick dry top coat on ring fingers  (forgot to take a picture at this stage and didn't clean up the red)
  • Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry in Stars & Stripes--stirred around in the bottle to get out how many stars I wanted and then applied the polish without the stars as well to make it look a little bit like fireworks since there are teeny-tiny holographic hair/bar glitters as well as micro-micro round holo glitters
  • 2 thick coats of Gelous top coat (pictures were taken before Gelous was applied)
 Index & pinkie fingers have 3 stars, middle fingers have 2 and ring fingers have 1
 Thumbs have 5 stars

-If you don't have Orly Stone Cold, OPI's Swimsuit...Nailed it or Sinful Colors Midnight Blue could be used to get a similar look.
-I used Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar because it has a shimmery finish, similar to the finish of Orly Stone Cold.
-I've seen lots and lots of different types of tape manis and decided I really wanted to try an accent of it today.
-I used blue painters' tape instead of Scotch tape; it worked really well.

All in all, I really like the way that this mani came out...and I definitely want to do some more experiments with tape manis.   :)

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** Fourth of July Nails (year 2011) -- warning:  really crappy picture quality (it was before I figured out the macro setting)

What do you think of my nails for this year's holiday?  Do you use tape for your manis?

**all products purchased by me / my opinions and combinations are my own

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