Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spotted: Essie Metallics


Today I'm bringing to you pictures of the most recent collection released by Essie.  The Metallic collection (I think that's the name...I can't seem to find my picture that I took of the entire display).  I've seen this collection at Rite Aid and Giant Eagle (grocery store).  I'm sure that if it's not already at Walgreens, it will be soon; I just haven't been inside Walgreens for a couple of weeks.  I also haven't been inside CVS for a while, but I'm not even sure how often CVS gets in limited edition collections from Essie.

So enjoy the pictures I did get of the bottles in the display (and please excuse the one blurry shot).

 (left to right) No Place Like Chrome, Good as Gold, Penny Talk

 Nothing Else Metals, Blue Rhapsody

(same bottle of Blue Rhapsody) and No Place Like Chrome (again)

Since I am trying to limit my beauty purchases and I'm not that big of a fan of metallic/foil finishes, I most likely will not be picking up any of the 5 polishes.  But don't let my decision influence whether you pick any up or not.

Do you like metallic/foil finishes a lot?  Are you planning on getting any of these?

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