Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hand Torture...a.k.a. Gardening

I spent today (Tuesday) as well as part of yesterday outside working on the garden areas.  My hands and back are sore and I think I see a blister starting to develop.  I'm not even going to mention how many mosquito bites I got.

I wish I could say this about getting all the plants and seeds in the ground for this years vegetables and flowers:
Gardening Cartoon My garden is done! A cue for weeds.

Unfortunately, it is the exact opposite.  Picture a pretty gardening magazine image and then think total opposite and that is what I am trying to deal with.  I am really sick of seeing thistles and grass and everything not wanted growing where vegetable plants and pretty flowers should be.  

I will be back out in the garden (sunscreen liberally applied) tomorrow as well.  Hopefully I can get everything cleaned up (week killer may be a possibility in certain areas) and planted and get back to doing blog posts on schedule.

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