Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dollar Tree Haul!


Today I have another mini haul from about a week ago.  I went to a different Dollar Tree looking to see if there were any other varieties of the Sally Hansen polishes that I posted about previously...there weren't.  But I did find some fun looking nail art supplies.  I figured, why not for $1 each?

These are from the brand Donna Michelle.  All 6 contain a different type of embellishment.  Each bottle is maybe an inch long (including the stopper).
 Micro-micro glitter (left) and Bar Glitter (right)
Glitter (I think they are all hex-shaped and seem to have iridescent or holographic pieces) and Flakies (right)
Bullion (left) and Shaped Glitter (right)
This is a close up (it's upside-down compared to real life) of the packet on the right.  Just trying to show of the holographic-type color changing.

If these look like something you would be interested in purchasing yourself, don't wait too long as Dollar Tree doesn't always get the same things back in and beauty products seem to sell out fast (depending on what they are).

Have you found anything fun at your local Dollar Tree/General/Family Dollar/99-cent stores recently?

**all products purchased by me

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