Friday, June 22, 2012

Busted Nail...


This month, the Mister and I have been very busy in setting up an outdoor living space, which is including a canopy (with a bug screen and nice furniture) and a pool.  Well, to make the story short...I started off with 10 nice looking medium length nails.  Now I have 1 major stub and 7 shorter-than-I-like nails and 2 regular length nails.  The stub's nail was gone before I even knew what happened, and the way that the end tore, it went up toward the cuticle so it made for a very inflamed looking fingertip for a few days.

This picture is after I filed all the rest way down (except pinkies which only got some filing)
You can see how angry-looking my ring finger is.

Before this incident, all 10 nails were a little longer than the pinkie that is pictured above.  My nails (except for my pinkies) all look so short and stubby now.  What am I doing to try to help get them all back to more like the length of my pinkie you ask?  Besides using Neosporin ( + pain relief) cream for the first couple of days for inflammation, I am using Mia Secret Nail Hardener with Garlic & Calcium on my ring finger.  I found this last year at Flower Factory near where I live, so I'm not sure what other store this can be purchased at. 

This worked fairly well and quickly the last time that a nail got broken off really short so I am hoping that it will work this time too.  So far this time, my nail seems to growing rather slowly.  Once the major stub gets out to about the length of the other nails, I might start applying it to all of them.

At least the huge blister (that was way open before I even knew I had it) that I got on my thumb is most of the way healed up.  And I finally painted my nails again after a week and a half of bare nails.  It is just so hard to make them pretty when one is sooo short.

What products do you use when your nail breaks off?

**all products purchased by me / my opinions are my own

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