Friday, May 11, 2012

Sinful Colors Wow! Pop! collection

This post is featuring the Wow! Pop! collection from Sinful Colors.  No one is really certain what the name of the collection is, so this is what I'm going with.  It looks like it was inspired by super hero movies &/or comic books.  The collection consists of 8 polishes, of which 3 are core (1 was added this year to the core line at WALGREENS).  The other 5 are new colors.  Since not all areas have a Rite Aid, at the end I have listed polishes from the core line that I think are extremely similar to the actual new colors.

EDIT 7/11/2012:  This is showing up as a large side-end cap display at Walgreens now.  Also, check out what looks like a press release that I found today --click here--

Rite Aid store display

I tried to tell myself that I didn't need them...that some were core colors (already had 1 of those) or extremely similar to core colors, but..... It started with the Clementine and Citrine. Citrine is supposed to be a dupe for Sephora + Pantone Tangerine Tango color I bought a couple another time, and then again, and then the last one. Over the period of a week or two, I had ended up with all of the polishes.  

 Why Not #951, Let's Meet #926, Exotic Green #1105
If you look above the flash spot, you can see some of the shimmers in Let's Meet

NEW COLORS (all cream finishes):
 Outrages, Clementine, Energetic Red, Dressed to Kill, Citrine
 Outrages #1124, Clementine #1127, Energetic Red #1122
Dressed to Kill #1125, Citrine #1123

In my opinion, these are the close counterparts (core color first, collection color second):

  • Cross My Heart #957 is slightly more red than Energetic Red #1122
  • Big Daddy #850 is very close to Citrine #1123 (on the nail, I had a really hard time telling apart)
  • Boom Boom #851 is slightly brighter/more pink than Outrages #1124
  • Boom Boom #851 is about a 1/2 shade darker/brighter than Dressed to Kill #1125
And yes, I realize that Boom Boom is listed falls right between Outrages and Dressed to Kill.

I would say that of the 5 new colors, only 1 doesn't have a close counterpart in the core line--the lighter orange, Clementine.  Click here for my alternative for Clementine from a different brand.

EDIT:  It looks like this entire collection is similar to the Sinful Colors one:

I hope that my suggestions for the counterparts helps if you don't have access to the actual collection.

**all products purchased by me / my opinions are my own

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