Friday, May 4, 2012

My Version of...OPI My Pointe Exactly

I'm going to start a new series for myself:  My Version of... This series will be one that I come back to off and on, depending on what gets released and I either see swatches of or see the bottles myself and take good pictures and what I have at home for comparisons.  I may find dupes, but more likely, I will find similar colors.

I rarely come across OPI polishes in person at the store.  I have no Ulta, Sephora, JC Penny Salon, or any other store that might carry OPI polishes -- all though, it seems like I've seen some once in a while at the salon I go to.  I digress; back to my point.  And when you combine not being able to see the polish in person plus paying thank you (unless I'm desperate).  But I do have Forever 21.  One of the employees once told me that the same company that makes OPI makes the polishes for Forever 21...whether that is true or not I'm not sure...but I have seen many polishes that look like they could be similar to OPIs.

This is one of those cases.  Meet Love & Beauty (Forever 21's beauty brand) "Grey".  I bought this polish for $2.80 last year some time, mainly because it was something completely different from anything in my stash.  The exact polish is not available on Forever 21's website but that's not really surprising given the turnover of merchandise.  They do have one called "earl grey" but I don't know what that looks like in person.

In my little experiment, I applied one coat of "grey" on all my nails, making my middle finger a medium coat.  Then I applied a second coat over my ring finger.

While this is not the same as OPI's "My Pointe Exactly" (check out Polish Insomniac for swatches; I do not have this polish) from the 2012 NYC Ballet collection, if you can get one thin, even coat applied of Grey you can get a similar feel as both are a sheer dove-gray color.  Although Grey does have a slight silvery shimmer to it and it is not a jelly finish  And 2 coats pretty much makes it opaque.

Given how often I might wear a gray/grey shade, I think that my little Love & Beauty/Forever 21 will satisfy the spot in my stash for a pale gray.

How do you think this version is?

**all products purchased by me / my opinions are my own.

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