Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sinful Colors Girls in Pearls

This is one of the recent releases for spring 2012 from Sinful Colors nail polish.  The collection is called Girls in Pearls Sheer Shimmers.  It consists of 8 colors, 3 of which are currently core colors.

(L. to R.) Purple Diamond, Glass Pink, Cinderella, Luminary

Each has a shimmer to it, but from the couple that I have worn, they are by NO means sheer.  2 coats and Sweet Dreams as well as Morning Star were opaque.  EDIT:  Glass Pink is definitely sheer (3 coats and can still see the nail line).

Purple Diamond, Glass Pink, and Cinderella are all core colors.  Cinderella was newly added this year to the core line.  The rest are new.  I was reading on either a blog or on Sinful Colors' Facebook page that one way to tell that a color is probably new is by the number.  All of the new ones this year so far have numbers over 1100. But there was a warning that this is no guarantee that it's not an old color with a new name.

$1.99 each at Walgreens and Rite Aid.  Walgreens seems to get the new core additions more regularly than Rite Aid does, but both get displays of collections (whether new colors or existing).  Also, both stores do not always get the same collections.  For instance, I only saw this collection at Walgreens, while last year I saw the Destination America collection only at Rite Aid.  The biggest draw for getting Sinful Colors at Walgreens is that periodically, they will go on sale for $.99 each--special collections are not excluded.

**all products purchased by me

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