Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sally Hansen Multi Faceted Jewel Overcoat

This is the second polish from the "Jewel Overcoat" Diamond Strength limited edition collection.

I was sitting here at my desk looking at Multi Faceted (same collection as my previous post on White Veil) trying to figure out what color to put it over.  While I was mulling that over I was looking through past posts from Frazzle and Anipolish and I came across her post on Nicole by OPI Pitch Black Glimmer
( ).  To my untrained eye, it looks like Multi Faceted is the bigger-glittered, but more sparse, version of the Pitch Black Glimmer (which I do not have).  Unintentionally, this post has morphed from just a show-and-tell to a mini review.

I tried to apply it over my bare nail and it gave me issues.  I had to work with it to get the glitter all over my nail instead of just at the tips:

Multi Faceted over my bare nail

Multi Faceted consists of a clear base with small black glitter, shiny silver glitter, and holographic glitter (all hex shaped).  In one coat it is very sparse.  It also seems to me like it has a slightly stronger polish odor than other brands.

For a layering combo, I tried 2 coats of Sinful Colors "Boom Boom" with approximately 1 coat of Multi Faceted blobbed and manipulated on my ring finger and then proceeded to lose the pictures and didn't notice until well after I took it off.  grrr.   The first swipe of the brush literally left one piece of glitter on my nail.  This method of "application" leaves a lot to be desired for dry time.  I think that I might try this as a full mani (or at least an accent nail) after I find a better quick dry top coat.

In my opinion, this polish has ISSUES, unlike its collection cousin White Veil with its decent application.  I don't regret purchasing Multi Faceted as it is unique in my collection, I just wish it applied better.  This temperamental polish cost me around $5 at Walgreens, and I have since spotted it at Rite Aid.

Multi Faceted on ring finger (L.)
White Veil on pinkie (R.)

In the above picture, you can see the size difference of the 2 polishes.  Multi Faceted had to be dabbed and manipulated to get that much on my nail; White Veil went on fairly easily with just slight fussing.  Both are unique in my collection.

**all products purchased by me

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