Saturday, April 7, 2012

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 8

This is the final installment of Project "Finish This Stuff" 2011.

Face Products:

3 prescriptions were finished - all of which I am still using (stupid skin :(  ).  The Witch Hazel got finished and a new one now sits in its place.  I finally finished the CeraVe lotion and it took FOREVER.  When I started using it, it was good...but after about a year it wasn't helping my skin anymore. It's been replaced by Cetaphil.   Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 50 (top one) was pretty good.  I just felt like I was too oily while using it since it's SPF plus moisturizer.  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid SPF 55 is one that I really do like - I am almost finished with a second and have a third bottle ready to go.  With this one, since I use a separate moisturizer I can control how much moisturizer I get and where it is focused and then put a good amount of SPF all over.

Next is Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover - I really like this.  With this, I saturate a cotton pad and then hold it over each eye, one at a time, letting the remover dissolve the makeup then gently wipe away.  It removes all my eye makeup, even mascara, well.  I have since replaced this with the CVS version to save some money.  I also used up the eye makeup remover lotion, which was nice but sometimes would leave a film on my eyes if I had really worked close to the lash line.  Last is the Dollar General version of Olay eye cream.  It's pretty good for moisturizing the eye area; I'm working on the second bottle.  I just wish it helped with dark circles...

Makeup Products:

The silver lipstick tube was actually a Vitamin E stick for the lips.  It was alright...and I have several more since the Mister bought them for me in bulk not knowing how if they worked good.  Next is the $1 Elf eyelid primer.  This is the first primer that I have actually ever used...and I liked it.  I finished this, am working on another and have (I believe) 2 backups since Target is out of the way for me.  Continuing towards the right is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends pressed powder/foundation.  It was alright (there is some left in the pan because it became too hard to get out on the brush after having it for a couple years).  I don't think I will repurchase this because there are new (to me) things that I eventually want to try.  Next is the Elf Lengthening & Defining mascara in black.  Yuck.  All though, to be honest, when I got it, it was pretty much dried out so I couldn't get anything on my lashes.  I won't be purchasing this since there are other mascaras that I do like.  Speaking of which, next is Maybelline Falsies Volume Express mascara.  This one I really did like and I may repurchase this (or one of its other versions) once my backups of other brands are finished.

Next are 2 Cover Girl Line Exact liners in black and charcoal/gray (the label long ago wore off).  These were pretty good.  Definitely something I may consider purchasing again in the future (but I have oodles of liners in different forms & colors now).  Lastly, is a brown eyeliner from Mary Kay...which I will not buy again.  I don't know if its from age or what, but I had to push kind of hard to get any color payoff, and even then it was still iffy.  And honestly, I prefer black liners to brown.

And now, the grand tally of 2011 finished products: 63!!  There were probably some more from before I actually started this project...and I still have more to get through for this year.

**All items purchased by me

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