Friday, April 6, 2012

Project "Finish This Stuff," part 7

Part of my finished stuff from 2011.  This is from about July through December 31.  I think I did pretty well on the amount of products that I finished.

Hand soaps:

Hair products:
 I liked the Suave shampoo (for colored hair) so I might buy this again.  The Infusium 23 Leave-in Treatment I did not care for AT ALL so it is definitely would not purchase again.  The Head & Shoulders is also one I will not purchase again since it is not for colored hair.

Shower Gels:

 The Dial Antibacterial body wash I did like and have already repurchased.  TopCare Exfoliating body wash wasn't too bad, but I probably won't repurchase.  Next to that are 2 food-scented body washes - definitely not repurchasing.  Olay Total Effects body wash wasn't that impressive so I won't be repurchasing.

Oral Care:

 My favorite toothpaste is the Crest 3D White Enamel Renewal - last year I finished 2 plus a couple of other Crest toothpastes.  I also finished the Crest Whitening Rinse.  I think the rinse helps, but I need to use it more regularly to really see results (I had purchased this as buy one get one free I believe).


 Secret deodorant - only brand I can use so of course I repurchases this...again and again....  St. Ives Vitamin E & A - not that great.  I've found a better St. Ives lotion that I really love.  Polish remover - nothing remarkable.  Rush nail polish - it was most of the way gone and all thick and stringy.  This brand, as far as I know, no longer makes polish colors - only a quick dry top coat which I have not tried.

Face products and makeup will be in the next post since otherwise this would be forever long.  At the end of the next post, I will add up how many products that I finished in 2011 (and kept track of).  I expect a large number :)

To be continued.......

**All items purchased by me

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