Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coral Nails

This is a nail look that I wore a couple of weeks ago.  I liked the end result but it was a P.I.T.A. getting there.  
Step 1:
 Sinful Colors Island Coral (2 coats over base coat)

Step 2:
 Island Coral with 
Forever 21/Love & Beauty in Coral/Multi (I lost track of how many thick yucky coats to get it to look like this - 3,4,5?)  I believe this is one of those "flakie" polishes.

I loved the Forever 21 polish when I saw it in the store, and snatched it up right away since I have several coral polishes it could play with.  BUT this stuff is thick and goopy and too HOURS to dry.  I'm sure that my top coat didn't help since I have decided it does the opposite of being a quick dry top coat.  But still.  I had to dunk my fingers in as-cold-as-the-sink-would-run water (a few times).  And then an hour later I had to do it again because the polish was still goopy/wet.  GRRRR.  Maybe I will try adding a little bit of thinner to it, and use it with a different quick dry top coat.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with any polishes?

**all products purchased by me; opinions my own

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