Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Wet 'n Wild Fauna & Flora

Yesterday I managed to find the 2 new kits from Wet 'n Wild: Fauna and Flora ($4.99 each).  I got them for a little less because of my Rite Aid Wellness Card =).

FAUNA includes: eyeshadow trio in Fauna, mini blush in Pearlescent Pink (core color),  glassy gloss lip gel in Glass Confusion (core color), and Fast Dry nail polish in Teal or No Teal (core color). 

FLORA includes:  eyeshadow trio in Flora, mini blush in Mellow Wine (core color), glassy gloss lip gel in Mow the Grass (core color), and Fast Dry nail polish in Twining Vines (this, in my eyes, is a dupe/renamed repromote  of Ocean Grotto from the 2011 Mermaid's Cove polish collection)

Overall, I am happy that I got them because I really wanted the eyeshadow trios.  Also, I don't have either of the glassy gloss lip gels so I will get to try those.  On the other hand, I'm a lilttle disappointed because rather then coming up with NEW colors of blush and polish, WnW put colors in that are all ready available or have been in the recent past.  Both of the blushes are going into my drawer of backup/duplicate make up and polishes.  The Twining Vines polish will also likely go into the drawer after I swatch it to compare to Ocean Grotto to see if they truly are the same as I suspect.  The Teal or No Teal will be put with the rest of my collection as I had not yet picked it up yet for some reason. 

Out of 8 individual pieces, 5 are ones that I do not have.

**All items purchased by me

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