Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pixar-inspired painted marbles

Today I thought I would show off a couple of flat "marbles" that I painted with inspiration from 2 Pixar movies: Wall-E and Monsters' Inc.

On the left is Eve from the Wall-E movie.  I did this free-handed by just looking at a picture of Eve online.
You'll need:

  • white, black, bright blue, and green (I used fluorescent neon green) scribbles paints
  • flat marble
On the right is Mike Wazowski from the Monsters' Inc. movie.  This was also done free-handed while looking at a picture online for reference.
You'll need:
  • green (I used fluorescent neon green), white, black, and a glittery-green (I used Crystal Gel Holiday Green - this is for the colored part of his eye)
  • flat marble
This is a pretty simple craft, as long as you have a fairly steady hand.


**All items purchased by me

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