Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pearl Wreath Ornament

This is an ornament that, over the years, I have made many of for my mom.  She is really into Victorian decorations so a pearl and gold wreath fits well.  

I used:

  • 9 - 18mm white pearls (the size of the pearls and the number can vary)
  • 9 gold beaded spacer rings (1 in between each pearl)
  • 12 inches (approximately) of 24 gauge non-tarnishing gold wire (Darice brand)
  • 5 inches (varies depending on how short or long you want the hanger) "Frizette Cord" metallic trim (also Darice brand; what I have is pretty old so it may no longer be available)
  • pliers, wire cutter (I think mine are side cutters), and scissors
To make this, begin by curling up one end of the wire to prevent the pearls from sliding off.  Alternate pearls and gold rings, beginning with a pearl and ending with a gold ring.  After the pattern is complete, take the non-curled end of wire and run it through the pearls and rings again to form a secure circle.  Once the wire is back to where the curled end is, pull the wires tight, twist the 2 ends together in between the pearls and use wire cutters that can fit down between the pearls and snip.  Fix the circle so that all of the rings are nestled together with the pearls well.  When finished, the twist should be hidden by the gold ring.  Loop the cord around and tie a knot at the top, trimming the ends if needed.

When I made these before, I used 11 of a size 16mm white pearl.  It made the wreath itself a bigger circle, but the pearls were a size smaller.  I think that size and number actually worked a bit better, but I was out of those and using up supplies that I had.

This project took, at most, 5 minutes per wreath.
Have fun!

**All items purchased by me

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