Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Mixed-Media" Mini Minnie

This is a little project that I came up with during the summer.  My inspiration was a Mickey head shaped paper punch that I bought a while ago.  Sorry for the super crappy pictures.

 For this, I used:

  • scrap material
  • fiber fill (very small amount for this size)
  • scribbles paint in black, white, and red
  • pink polka dot ribbon
  • 1 black seed bead
  • pink thread
  • scissors and needle

I cut 2 pieces in the shape of Mickey's head that were roughly the same size and shape.  I then hand-stitched the pieces together, leaving a pocket to insert the filling.  The next step is to close up the hole.  To fix the shape a little, I ended up stitching completely around the outside, looping the ears individually and pulling a little bit to make them look more like ears.

Next I added 2 elongated dots for the whites of the eyes.  I also put a little red mouth towards the bottom.  After those dried for a bit, I put 2 black dots to finish the eyes and carefully drew 2 black lines coming out from the red to finish off her mouth.  Next was stitching on the seed button in the middle (the bead is actually sticking out so that the skinny edge is against the material).

For the bow, it is a short piece of ribbon folded in thirds and stitched down through the top seam.  This made the 2 loops and I didn't have to try to tie a teeny-tiny bow.

This project took a while despite being so small.  Part of the time it took was figuring out what the best supply was for each element - some ideas didn't work out - and then actually finding it.


**All items purchased by me

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