Sunday, December 4, 2011

Minnie-inspired crafts

It's been a while since I've put anything craft related, so I found a few that I made earlier this year.  

The first one is "Minnie head paperclip".
I used a Mickey paper punch to make 2 heads, taped them on either side of a paperclip and then painted on Minnie's trademark bow.
This one is "Jeweled Minnie"
I made this by gluing onto a business card a large acrylic gem and two smaller ones for the ears.  After it was dry, I used a craft knife to cut it out.  The finishing touch was a tiny little polka dotted ribbon bow that was glued on.
This last picture is a collection of "Mickey pushpins"
This was a simple project, but because of the number I did, it was the most time-consuming.
All I needed was clear pushpins and various colors of Scribbles paint.  For each pin, one large dot towards the bottom of the pin and two smaller dots for the ears.  It helps if you have a piece of styrofoam handy. This could be done in any color, but I chose to stick with more traditional colors for Mickey and Minnie.


**All items purchased by me

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