Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Blue Icicle

What I have for this project is a new take on another ornament that I have made literally dozens of over the years.  Except this time, it is in color!
What I used:
  • silver 3mm x 12 inch tinsel stem, cut in half
  • 2 - 6 mm faceted beads - clear
  • 5 - 12 mm starflake beads - 2 light sapphire, 3 dark sapphire
  • 6 - 18 mm starflake beads - 3 light sapphire, 3 dark sapphire
  • 3 - 25 mm starflake beads - 1 light sapphire, 1 dark sapphire, 1 crystal
  • 1 - 8 mm faceted bead - clear
To start, fold one tip of the tinsel stem up a tiny, tiny bit - just enough to make it so the beads won't come off the end.  Start stringing on the beads in the order listed, beginning with the 2 faceted beads.  Once the final 8mm faceted bead has been strung on, bend over the rest of the tinsel stem to form a loop and twist around to secure.

This is a very simple project that takes about 2 minutes, start to finish.  I actually like this better done in the gradient shades of blue rather than the all crystal on a white chenille stem that I used to make.  Now I'm ready to go through more of the starflakes that I have and see what other combinations I can come up with.

Have fun!

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Pearl Wreath Ornament

This is an ornament that, over the years, I have made many of for my mom.  She is really into Victorian decorations so a pearl and gold wreath fits well.  

I used:

  • 9 - 18mm white pearls (the size of the pearls and the number can vary)
  • 9 gold beaded spacer rings (1 in between each pearl)
  • 12 inches (approximately) of 24 gauge non-tarnishing gold wire (Darice brand)
  • 5 inches (varies depending on how short or long you want the hanger) "Frizette Cord" metallic trim (also Darice brand; what I have is pretty old so it may no longer be available)
  • pliers, wire cutter (I think mine are side cutters), and scissors
To make this, begin by curling up one end of the wire to prevent the pearls from sliding off.  Alternate pearls and gold rings, beginning with a pearl and ending with a gold ring.  After the pattern is complete, take the non-curled end of wire and run it through the pearls and rings again to form a secure circle.  Once the wire is back to where the curled end is, pull the wires tight, twist the 2 ends together in between the pearls and use wire cutters that can fit down between the pearls and snip.  Fix the circle so that all of the rings are nestled together with the pearls well.  When finished, the twist should be hidden by the gold ring.  Loop the cord around and tie a knot at the top, trimming the ends if needed.

When I made these before, I used 11 of a size 16mm white pearl.  It made the wreath itself a bigger circle, but the pearls were a size smaller.  I think that size and number actually worked a bit better, but I was out of those and using up supplies that I had.

This project took, at most, 5 minutes per wreath.
Have fun!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Mixed-Media" Mini Minnie

This is a little project that I came up with during the summer.  My inspiration was a Mickey head shaped paper punch that I bought a while ago.  Sorry for the super crappy pictures.

 For this, I used:

  • scrap material
  • fiber fill (very small amount for this size)
  • scribbles paint in black, white, and red
  • pink polka dot ribbon
  • 1 black seed bead
  • pink thread
  • scissors and needle

I cut 2 pieces in the shape of Mickey's head that were roughly the same size and shape.  I then hand-stitched the pieces together, leaving a pocket to insert the filling.  The next step is to close up the hole.  To fix the shape a little, I ended up stitching completely around the outside, looping the ears individually and pulling a little bit to make them look more like ears.

Next I added 2 elongated dots for the whites of the eyes.  I also put a little red mouth towards the bottom.  After those dried for a bit, I put 2 black dots to finish the eyes and carefully drew 2 black lines coming out from the red to finish off her mouth.  Next was stitching on the seed button in the middle (the bead is actually sticking out so that the skinny edge is against the material).

For the bow, it is a short piece of ribbon folded in thirds and stitched down through the top seam.  This made the 2 loops and I didn't have to try to tie a teeny-tiny bow.

This project took a while despite being so small.  Part of the time it took was figuring out what the best supply was for each element - some ideas didn't work out - and then actually finding it.


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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pixar-inspired painted marbles

Today I thought I would show off a couple of flat "marbles" that I painted with inspiration from 2 Pixar movies: Wall-E and Monsters' Inc.

On the left is Eve from the Wall-E movie.  I did this free-handed by just looking at a picture of Eve online.
You'll need:

  • white, black, bright blue, and green (I used fluorescent neon green) scribbles paints
  • flat marble
On the right is Mike Wazowski from the Monsters' Inc. movie.  This was also done free-handed while looking at a picture online for reference.
You'll need:
  • green (I used fluorescent neon green), white, black, and a glittery-green (I used Crystal Gel Holiday Green - this is for the colored part of his eye)
  • flat marble
This is a pretty simple craft, as long as you have a fairly steady hand.


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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Minnie-inspired crafts

It's been a while since I've put anything craft related, so I found a few that I made earlier this year.  

The first one is "Minnie head paperclip".
I used a Mickey paper punch to make 2 heads, taped them on either side of a paperclip and then painted on Minnie's trademark bow.
This one is "Jeweled Minnie"
I made this by gluing onto a business card a large acrylic gem and two smaller ones for the ears.  After it was dry, I used a craft knife to cut it out.  The finishing touch was a tiny little polka dotted ribbon bow that was glued on.
This last picture is a collection of "Mickey pushpins"
This was a simple project, but because of the number I did, it was the most time-consuming.
All I needed was clear pushpins and various colors of Scribbles paint.  For each pin, one large dot towards the bottom of the pin and two smaller dots for the ears.  It helps if you have a piece of styrofoam handy. This could be done in any color, but I chose to stick with more traditional colors for Mickey and Minnie.


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