Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the Prowl...sort of...

For the month of September and into October, I was driving myself crazy trying to find the On the Prowl collection from Wet n Wild.  When I did find it, all that was left was the non-glitters.  (I got three of them.)  But I really wanted the glitters: Behind Closed Doors (red glitter), Cougar Attack (brown/bronze/copper glitter), Correction Tape (multi-colored and shaped glitter), and Tangled in My Web (black glitter).  Behind Closed Doors was suspended in a black base; all rest of these were suspended in a clear base.  So while I was on my "quest," I went in my local Forever 21 to see what they had for polishes.  And boy was I happy!  They had glitter polishes!!  Included in those glitter polishes were ones that I thought could satisfy my craving.  And for the most part, they did; some even went beyond satisfying - one was even better than the WnW swatches I had seen!  

These 3 are actually from the On the Prowl collection:  
Ready to Pounce, Jungle Fever, Buy Me a Drink

 The front row are my substitutes for the rest of the collection
WnW Party of Five Glitters, Sally Hansen Exteme Wear Pumpkin Spice, 
Love & Beauty in: Rust, Black, Red
WnW Ebony Hates Chris

Top: WnW Party of Five Glitters
Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice
Love & Beauty Rust    Black
Middle: WnW Ready to Pounce,
Jungle Fever, Buy Me a Drink,
Ebony Hates Chris
Bottom: Love & Beauty Red

Love & Beauty Rust and Black      WnW Party of Five Glitters; S.H. Pumpkin Spice

My version of On the Prowl (as of right now)

The Black from Love & Beauty is, I think, even better than Tangled in My Web.  Black contains both micro glitters and hexagonal glitters in a clear base, which makes it interesting and more web-like (if that makes sense)  Neither Rust nor Pumpkin Spice are really, really close to Cougar Attack but I still need to play around with them; maybe a combo will make it better.  The Red from Love & Beauty (when layered over a dark base) looks really, really close to Behind Closed Doors.  Ebony Hates Chris is a really opaque cream black.  Party of Five Glitters is similar to Correction Tape, but missing the square glitters (and the color mix is different too).

**All items purchased by me

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