Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent jewelry projects

I recently made a couple of bracelets that were part of a kit, as well as a pair of earrings from an old broken earring that I had found back when I had to clean up the accessories area of a store I worked at a long time ago.

For this bracelet, I cut 2 12-inch pieces of stretchy cord and then threaded the beads on one string in the pattern instructed and knotted it.  Repeat.  One 2 stranded bracelet.

This pretty pink/purple/blue swirled beads bracelet, I cut 1 12-inch piece of stretchy cord and then threaded alternating swirled beads and medium sized spacing beads and knotted it.  All done.  The hardest part was not letting go of the beginning of the cord.  I only had to start over one time since it slipped.

For the pair of earrings, I had to separate the 2 green squares because they were attached to each other by a jump ring, as well as cut off extra loops on the bottom since some of the dangling pieces were missing.  I then rearranged the bottom dangling parts so that they would match in color as much as possible.  After that, I just attached them to a couple of bronze fish hook wires.  I sometimes find it astonishing what I can do with old pieces of broken jewelry.  This pair is both recycling and unique, and just cost pennies to make.

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