Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rebel Shine jewelry pieces update

I was at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, and is my current habit, I went to check to see if there was any new products from Rebel Shine, as well as other brands.  Unfortunately, it [Rebel Shine] is no longer sold and the last few pieces of merchandise from the display were in the clearance bins at the back of the store.  That made me a little bummed out since most of the line was appealing to me.  I did notice, however, in a different area of the jewelry section, that some of the same/similar pieces were being sold under a different brand.  The "parent" brand is the same - Cousin.

As usual, there were many pretties that I wanted to purchase, but I restricted myself to clearance items, especially since I had no coupons with me at the time.  I really wish that Jo Ann stores didn't charge so much for each thing.  There were many bead strings that I liked, but at $8 and up....I'll have to pass....for now.

I also stopped in the craft section at Wal-Mart and the clearance jewelry parts section is still stocked, but dwindling.  I kind of wonder how much of it has gone down because of me.  It was nice to finally see some prices on the pegs.  I've found several pendants on clearance from Metal Accent/Glass Accent.  Once again, the "parent" brand is Cousin.  This brand also has regular beads and findings and such that, even at regular price, are fairly reasonable.  I've also picked up a few pendants on clearance from Fashion Accessories, also parented by Cousin.  Wal-Mart also has had a descent selection of various beads, stones, chains, and ribbon necklaces in their $1 divided boxes in the jewelry making section.

As far as the other actual craft store in my area, Pat Catan's, I have to exercise restraint to keep myself from even stopping in there.  For the most part, the prices are reasonable.  But, lately, they have been marking a lot of things on sale...large discounts.  One example is a bag of spacer beads that probably retailed there for between $1.76-2.50 (I'm guessing) and was marked down to $.25--a quarter!!  A better example off of a recent receipt:  Total purchase (with tax) was $10.60; Total Savings (from original prices) was $111.40.  Yes I said one hundred eleven dollars and forty cents for savings.  :-)  So I have behaved and not even stopped in a couple of weeks, much as I want to.

As far as I know, these few places are the only craft stores/departments that carry a good selection of merchandise to pick from that is priced reasonably and/or has coupons/sales regularly.  There is an actual bead shop somewhere around here, but a cashier I was talking to at Wal-Mart said that if you go there be prepared to spend a large chunk of money so..... I will continue to bargain hunt and be as creative with what I find at my regular stores as well as "shopping my stash" of found objects.

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