Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Project "Finish This Stuff", part 4

I have managed to complete 7 more things on my project list.  I'm so pleased with my progress so far.  Now if I could just stay away from stores.  I must resist shopping......  Anyway, back on topic.

I finished my E.L.F. concealer, which I did not like hardly at all.  I felt like I got very little coverage, with even less staying power.  This is definitely a do not buy it again.

I started and finished yet another food scented body wash - hazelnut flavored, I believe.  It actually smelled pretty bad, but luckily the scent went away fairly quickly.

I finally finished my bottle of Dove Cream Oil Body Wash.  This was a nicely moisturizing wash that I might purchase again at some point, after other bottles are finished.  I also finally finished another deodorant from Secret.  Secret is the only brand I purchase due to an allergic incident in my teen years to other deodorants.

Another products that I have been working on since probably the beginning of the year is the Eye Defense eye cream by L'Oreal.  I feel like for the most part this was a nice product; however, it did not really help my undereye circles.   I believe that one of the claims of this product was that it helped diminish dark circles - I don't think it helped the darkness at all.  I, therefore, am still on the hunt for an eye cream that accomplishes: diminish dark circles, moisturizes well, and if it treats wrinkles or prevents wrinkles then that is a bonus.

For approximately 12-14 weeks I have been conducting an experiment where the only shampoo (and conditioner) I used was by Garnier Fructis Color Shield.  This line contains UVA and UVB protection and also has a nice scent.  I felt like this line cleaned my hair nicely without stripping out the color while also protecting it from sun-related fading.  In this time frame, my stylist noticed that the color has not faded nearly as quickly as it has with other shampoos.  Overall, I really enjoyed these products, and when I have used up other color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, I will most likely repurchase at least one more bottle of shampoo.  This way I will be able to use up the bottle of conditioner with the corresponding shampoo.  For now, however, the conditioner will be put away so that I can begin a new experiment with another brand.

The other hair product that I finally finished is the FX Flat Iron Sheer Silky Smooth Heat Memory Flat Iron Spray.  I liked this spray pretty well.  It has lasted quite long for me, but I don't always straighten my hair.  I never had a problem with the nozzle getting clogged, either.  If I didn't have several bottles from another brand for use with a flat iron, then I would probably consider repurchasing this one.

**All items purchased by me

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