Friday, August 19, 2011

Pretty organizer

Quite a while ago, I accidentally dropped a medium sized glass in the kitchen and it got a crack in it, making it unusable for drinking.  So rather than throwing it away, I got inspired to make an organizer out of it.  Going with my love of Minnie Mouse, I went with hot pink and white.


  • cracked glass
  • 7/8" ribbon of choice - enough to go around the glass and wide enough to cover the crack
  • coordinating Scribbles paint colors
  • hot glue gun
While the glue gun was heating, I measured out enough ribbon to go around the glass and figured out how I wanted it placed.  I had debated about wrapping it over the edge but decided just to line it up.  I then started placing the glue in small areas and immediately pressing the ribbon down, for the entire way around.  I think (I can't remember for sure since it has been so long) that I used clips of some sort to help hold it in place while it completed setting up and drying.   

I was going to leave the glass with just the ribbon, but as I looked at it, I thought, "This needs something...I know!" and went to my massive supply of Scribbles colors to get coordinating paint.  I used shiny white and (I believe) Iridescent Watermelon (maybe Wild Raspberry, I'm not sure which one).  I placed one row of white dots all the way around, one row of pink dots between the white dots.  The second row of white dots are lined up with the first row of white dots, and the second row of pink dots are lined up with the other row of pink.  

I think this looks pretty cute, and it is the perfect size for all of my hair clips that I use when sectioning my hair for drying and straightening.

Hope you like my recycled storage project!

**All items purchased by me

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