Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project "Finish This Stuff", part 5

The other day, I was thinking about my project and I noticed that in the last couple of weeks, I haven't been able to finish anything for some unknown reason.  And I was doing so well.

Anyway, last night I had the brilliant idea of giving myself a "mini challenge" in the middle of this project.  I decided that I wanted to see how many things I could finish by midnight on August 31.  I am hoping that I will be able to finish a several things since I feel like I am close to getting through some bottles and tubes.  This feeling better not be wishful thinking since it is actually bugging me that I haven't had empty bottles sitting around motivating me.

I have also added a few more things to my project list (but no pictures) that I really want to finish.  I'm thinking that at least one of these additions might be finished in my mini project too.

Well, I am off to go work on my project so...wish me luck on my mini project and the regular one.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My new hair

So I got my pictures taken on Monday, but found out that I won't actually get them in my hands until the next time I go to the salon.  So.... instead I will put a picture that I took myself. Be forewarned, I am NOT good at taking my own picture, and the lighting is all wonky.

So while the lighting is wonky, I love the real-life color, and of course the style.  I've had this style of cut for most of this year, actually.  A little bit funky asymmetrical bob.

My last 2 manicures

Rather than just one manicure, I decided to put pictures of the last 2 that I have done.

Each manicure has one coat of the base I always use, Pro FX, and a top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

The above 2 pictures are Borghese in Menta (4 or 5 coats to get opaque).  This is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's nail polish in Jade.  I do have to say that I liked the lasting power of this color.  I got a good 3 days before any cracks or chips (and then I did the dishes).


The above 2 pictures are of my current manicure, which is lasting fairly well (just looks like the polish is shrinking from the tips).  On all of my nails are 2 coats of Sinful Colors in Vacation Time, and on my ring fingers there is a coat of Sinful Colors in Dancing Nails.  I feel like these 2 could be classified as cousins, since they are a very similar color, just with a different finish.  Dancing Nails is a pretty shimmery-foil type of polish while Vacation Time is just a creamy finish.  This is the first time that I have played around with the "accent nail" trend.  With these 2 colors I like it, but with other colors I'm not sure I like (especially if the colors are completely different).

**All items purchased by me

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pretty organizer

Quite a while ago, I accidentally dropped a medium sized glass in the kitchen and it got a crack in it, making it unusable for drinking.  So rather than throwing it away, I got inspired to make an organizer out of it.  Going with my love of Minnie Mouse, I went with hot pink and white.


  • cracked glass
  • 7/8" ribbon of choice - enough to go around the glass and wide enough to cover the crack
  • coordinating Scribbles paint colors
  • hot glue gun
While the glue gun was heating, I measured out enough ribbon to go around the glass and figured out how I wanted it placed.  I had debated about wrapping it over the edge but decided just to line it up.  I then started placing the glue in small areas and immediately pressing the ribbon down, for the entire way around.  I think (I can't remember for sure since it has been so long) that I used clips of some sort to help hold it in place while it completed setting up and drying.   

I was going to leave the glass with just the ribbon, but as I looked at it, I thought, "This needs something...I know!" and went to my massive supply of Scribbles colors to get coordinating paint.  I used shiny white and (I believe) Iridescent Watermelon (maybe Wild Raspberry, I'm not sure which one).  I placed one row of white dots all the way around, one row of pink dots between the white dots.  The second row of white dots are lined up with the first row of white dots, and the second row of pink dots are lined up with the other row of pink.  

I think this looks pretty cute, and it is the perfect size for all of my hair clips that I use when sectioning my hair for drying and straightening.

Hope you like my recycled storage project!

**All items purchased by me

Earrings that I have made

I've made several pairs of earrings lately as well as necklaces from my previous posts.






The above 5 pairs of earrings were all included in a kit from WalMart that was $4, as well as one additional pair that hasn't been put together yet.

**All items purchased by me

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New hair color inspiration

This picture is the inspiration for my latest hair color (quite an adventure getting it that color).

It is a really pretty red.  Hubby is always saying "lighter more redder" so this was the goal.

I'll post a picture of my result later since on Monday I will be getting a professionally taken picture.  I was surprised when one of the ladies at the salon I go to asked if I wanted to be a model for their new "look-book" especially since my color was fresh and the cut is fairly fresh too.  I think that Monday should be a nice experience.

Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler review

I realized today that I have put the Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler based coat in every single nail polish post I have done, and have yet to talk about why I like it soooo much.  Oops.  I will fix that now.

Earlier this year, I got back in to polishing my nails...a lot.  But as time went on, I started noticing that on some of my nails (specifically my thumbs and index fingers the most), my polish never looked smooth towards the end of my nails.  This was because my nails had begun peeling, pretty badly, for some unknown reason.  I was looking for a product to help this (which I have yet to find an actual solution to) and I found this base coat that looked promising for a smoother result.  So I brought home the Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler, which I believe was somewhere around $3.50-$4 for a 1 fl. oz. bottle.  I figured, yeah it's worth a shot.  This product also states on the bottle that it is a Professional Salon Formula, which made my desire to try it even stronger.  If it works for salons, imagine what it can do for me.

Well, I did my nails shortly after I brought this baby home and wow.  My nails looked so smooth, you couldn't even tell that there was underlying peeling problems with them.  Even my husband was impressed with how they looked using this base coat.

This product is very sheer when applied so I believe that it would work well under any polish.  The following 2 pictures are of my nails with the base coat on.


  • Cost
  • sheerness for layering under pale colors
  • dries quickly
  • does what it says
  • the bottle will last a long time
  • it also comes in a 2.5 fl. oz. bottle
  • A little too much product comes out on the brush - if I don't wipe the brush off on the bottle's neck really well, it can quickly become a mess and/or I can use one dip for 3 or 4 nails, depending on their length
Overall, if I ever use this bottle up, I will definitely repurchase this product.  It has become a must in every manicure.

In the meantime, I am still trying to figure out something to actually slow down/stop/prevent my nails from peeling.  I have already gone through 2 bottles of "hair, skin & nails" vitamins and am now taking biotin.  Any  additional suggestions, please let me know.

**All items purchased by me

Yellow nails of the day

I painted my nails very simply these last couple of times.  The time before my current nails, I used 2 coats of Essie's Forget Me Nots (possibly a dupe for Chanel Organdy), which lasted a few days.  But these are my nails right now:


This was my usual method:
  • 1 coat of Pro FX Ridge Filler base coat
  • 2 coats of Revlon Top Speed in "Electric" #305 
  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat
Electric is a pretty yellow - not pastel, but not neon either, kind of like what color crayon I used to use when coloring the sun - but with a tiny yellow shimmer (?glass shimmer?  I don't know proper polish terms/categories).  It is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's nail polish in Mimosa.

P.S.: These pictures were taken before I had cleaned up the edges all the way so it's a little sloppy-looking.

**All items purchased by me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oops, I "Hauled" Again

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am a shopaholic.  I really, really need to stop shopping.  At least this time, it was mainly for items that were needed to try to duplicate/impersonate a tutorial from Michelle Phan ( ) that my husband is obsessed with.  But, I did manage to find other things that were good deals.  For the most part, I try to only buy something if it is a good deal and if the item is at a drugstore, then I try to wait for a sale of some sort.  

From Rite Aid, I purchased
  • L'Oreal HiP eyeshadow duo in Wicked (30% off)
  • Borghese nail polish in Euro Green
  • Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Mellow Yellow (the nail polishes were buy one, get one 1/2 off)

From Dollar Tree, I purchased
  • Almay Intense i-color trio for greens
  • Almay Intense i-color trio for hazel
  • NYC City Duet eyeshadow in Soho Spice
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Single in Sparkling Wine 
Each thing was $1.  I also purchased (but forgot to include in the picture) Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Cream Eye Color in Give Me the Chills.

From Sally's Beauty Supply, I purchased 
  • Palladio Rice Paper sheets in Translucent ($1 off regular price) 
  • Palladio Shadow & Liner Herbal Crayon in Icicle (paid full price of $5.99)

From Walgreens, I purchased
  • Sinful Colors nail polish in Rich in Heart (on sale for $.99)
  • Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow in Black Magic
  • Revlon Satin Single in Nude Slip (Revlon was buy one get one 50% off)

From Big Lots, I purchased 3 Neutrogena Nourishing eye quads ($4 each) in the colors: Garden Party, Tea Biscuit, and Vintage Wine.

From Dollar General, I purchased:

  • Cover Girl Eye Enhancers trio in Dance Party (on clearance for $2.25)
  • Wet 'n Wild lipstick in Smokin Hot Pink c905D (on clearance for $1 but clearance was buy one get one free)
  • L.A. Colors nail polish in Topaz ($1)
  • 2 pairs of Select Lash false eyelashes in #S47 ($1.25 each)
At another Dollar General, I purchased 4 more pairs of the same style of eyelashes.

The overall goal of my shopping adventures was to find 4 pairs of eyelashes, 1 pair of bottom lashes (which I did not find and the employee at Sally's had never heard of), and some type of white cream based product which would go on opaquely.

**All items purchased by me

Project "Finish This Stuff", part 4

I have managed to complete 7 more things on my project list.  I'm so pleased with my progress so far.  Now if I could just stay away from stores.  I must resist shopping......  Anyway, back on topic.

I finished my E.L.F. concealer, which I did not like hardly at all.  I felt like I got very little coverage, with even less staying power.  This is definitely a do not buy it again.

I started and finished yet another food scented body wash - hazelnut flavored, I believe.  It actually smelled pretty bad, but luckily the scent went away fairly quickly.

I finally finished my bottle of Dove Cream Oil Body Wash.  This was a nicely moisturizing wash that I might purchase again at some point, after other bottles are finished.  I also finally finished another deodorant from Secret.  Secret is the only brand I purchase due to an allergic incident in my teen years to other deodorants.

Another products that I have been working on since probably the beginning of the year is the Eye Defense eye cream by L'Oreal.  I feel like for the most part this was a nice product; however, it did not really help my undereye circles.   I believe that one of the claims of this product was that it helped diminish dark circles - I don't think it helped the darkness at all.  I, therefore, am still on the hunt for an eye cream that accomplishes: diminish dark circles, moisturizes well, and if it treats wrinkles or prevents wrinkles then that is a bonus.

For approximately 12-14 weeks I have been conducting an experiment where the only shampoo (and conditioner) I used was by Garnier Fructis Color Shield.  This line contains UVA and UVB protection and also has a nice scent.  I felt like this line cleaned my hair nicely without stripping out the color while also protecting it from sun-related fading.  In this time frame, my stylist noticed that the color has not faded nearly as quickly as it has with other shampoos.  Overall, I really enjoyed these products, and when I have used up other color-protecting shampoos and conditioners, I will most likely repurchase at least one more bottle of shampoo.  This way I will be able to use up the bottle of conditioner with the corresponding shampoo.  For now, however, the conditioner will be put away so that I can begin a new experiment with another brand.

The other hair product that I finally finished is the FX Flat Iron Sheer Silky Smooth Heat Memory Flat Iron Spray.  I liked this spray pretty well.  It has lasted quite long for me, but I don't always straighten my hair.  I never had a problem with the nozzle getting clogged, either.  If I didn't have several bottles from another brand for use with a flat iron, then I would probably consider repurchasing this one.

**All items purchased by me

Friday, August 5, 2011

New manicure

So after my last French manicure in purples, which lasted about a week with only a couple of touch ups, it was time for something new.  I decided to stick with the Essie brand and wear a color that I had bought and wanted to wear but the timing was off for this type of color--as in, my grandmother and other relatives only like classic pinks, reds and maybe purples.

This is a basic look this time.  Here is what I did:

  • 1 coat of Pro FX Fiberized Ridge Filler base coat
  • 2 coats of Essie's "Smooth Sailing" # 861 from the 2011  Braziliant collection
  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

I also included a couple of pictures of what I've been wearing on my toes for the last 3 weeks or so.

This is 2 coats of Hard Candy's nail polish in Fabuluxe #323.  I don't have a good picture of it, but it is a glitter polish that goes on fairly opaque with one coat, which is impressive for a glitter polish.  My pictures don't do it nearly enough justice.  It also dries fairly smoothly, unlike some other glitter polishes that I have tried.

**All items purchased by me

Thursday, August 4, 2011

K Mart and drugstores "haul"

A couple of days ago I read online somewhere that K Mart was once again doing a buy one get one deal on Wet 'n Wild, so I decided to go see what, if anything, was left that I wanted to try.

 Most of what I got was from the clearance baskets--especially the N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine glosses.  I got 10 for $.49 each.  I also got a baby kabuki brush for $2.50 from Image Essentials (hopefully this will be nicer than the one from Wet'n Wild).  My original mission was for Wet'n Wild products; I got 2 Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils - pixie and technol.

I had seen these a couple of other times I was there and there was only 2 sets of these colors left so...I also bit the bullet and picked up this three pack of mini polishes from Revlon, at full price of almost $8.
It came with Rock Star, Gold Coin, and Ruby.  The pictures really don't do the colors justice at all.  The purple is a dark grapey-purple.  The red is kind of a blood red, very vampy looking.

Now on to what I picked up at Rite Aid and Walgreens. 


From Rite Aid, I picked up Burt's Bees Hand Salve for a whole 62 CENTS.  I also picked up from L'Oreal the Color Riche le Gloss in Baby Blossom 151, which is supposed to be a dupe for Nars Turkish Delight.  I paid regular price for this product, but that is still better than whatever the Nars would cost.

The day before I had also read that Walgreens was doing a buy one get one free of the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque so this is what started off my initial Walgreens visiting.  The first Walgreens did not have that sale posted but I still managed to find a couple of things. I picked up from Revlon a Molten Metal duo in Sapphire/Diamond 003, on clearance for $3.99.  There was another duo in the clearance, but the lighter shade of it was broken off and floating around in the case so I passed on it.  I also picked up a tub of Aveeno Active Naturals Intense Relief Repair Cream (for the hubby) on clearance for about half price.

At the second Walgreens, I did find the Queen Helene sale posted as "buy one at $3.99, get one free."  Besides being the buy one get one, it was also a dollar off of their regular price.  I ended up coming home with four tubes total for around $8 by the time tax was added.

While I was in the second Walgreens, I happened to see more of the Revlon Molten Metal duos but these were still full priced for around $7.50 so they are all still sitting on the shelf as I do my best to only buy things on sale and/or clearanced out.

**All items purchased by me

My latest "haul" at Big Lots

I stopped by my local Big Lots yesterday just to look around and found some deals.  

On the top are two manicure/pedicure kits from E.L.F. that were finally marked down from $5 to $2.50 on clearance.    I had been looking and looking at the kits from E.L.F. for quite a while now and was happy I waited and got them cheaper.  Each one has 2 polishes (1 kit has 1 clear and 1 colored while the other kit has 2 reds), a set of separators, a mini file, clippers, and nail decals.

The kit from Revlon was also on clearance for $2.50.  It contains a glass file, 2 cuticle sticks and clippers.  I have enough nail clippers to last for a very long time.  I also found a Minty Lip Gloss from E.L.F. in Miami.

The rest of the nail polishes are from Cover Girl and were 50 CENTS EACH!  What a deal!  The colors are (from left to right, top row):  Crystal Mist 435; Crushed Shells 516; Perfect Penny 540; Mauvelicious 510; Plum Pudding 535; (bottom row) Pink Twinkle 420; Disco Dazzle 405; Gold Rush 415; Red Revolution 553; Violet Vision 570.

**All items purchased by me

Rebel Shine jewelry pieces update

I was at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, and is my current habit, I went to check to see if there was any new products from Rebel Shine, as well as other brands.  Unfortunately, it [Rebel Shine] is no longer sold and the last few pieces of merchandise from the display were in the clearance bins at the back of the store.  That made me a little bummed out since most of the line was appealing to me.  I did notice, however, in a different area of the jewelry section, that some of the same/similar pieces were being sold under a different brand.  The "parent" brand is the same - Cousin.

As usual, there were many pretties that I wanted to purchase, but I restricted myself to clearance items, especially since I had no coupons with me at the time.  I really wish that Jo Ann stores didn't charge so much for each thing.  There were many bead strings that I liked, but at $8 and up....I'll have to pass....for now.

I also stopped in the craft section at Wal-Mart and the clearance jewelry parts section is still stocked, but dwindling.  I kind of wonder how much of it has gone down because of me.  It was nice to finally see some prices on the pegs.  I've found several pendants on clearance from Metal Accent/Glass Accent.  Once again, the "parent" brand is Cousin.  This brand also has regular beads and findings and such that, even at regular price, are fairly reasonable.  I've also picked up a few pendants on clearance from Fashion Accessories, also parented by Cousin.  Wal-Mart also has had a descent selection of various beads, stones, chains, and ribbon necklaces in their $1 divided boxes in the jewelry making section.

As far as the other actual craft store in my area, Pat Catan's, I have to exercise restraint to keep myself from even stopping in there.  For the most part, the prices are reasonable.  But, lately, they have been marking a lot of things on sale...large discounts.  One example is a bag of spacer beads that probably retailed there for between $1.76-2.50 (I'm guessing) and was marked down to $.25--a quarter!!  A better example off of a recent receipt:  Total purchase (with tax) was $10.60; Total Savings (from original prices) was $111.40.  Yes I said one hundred eleven dollars and forty cents for savings.  :-)  So I have behaved and not even stopped in a couple of weeks, much as I want to.

As far as I know, these few places are the only craft stores/departments that carry a good selection of merchandise to pick from that is priced reasonably and/or has coupons/sales regularly.  There is an actual bead shop somewhere around here, but a cashier I was talking to at Wal-Mart said that if you go there be prepared to spend a large chunk of money so..... I will continue to bargain hunt and be as creative with what I find at my regular stores as well as "shopping my stash" of found objects.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nails of the day...weekend...who knows how long?

Last Thursday I did another take on a French manicure, but this time in PURPLES!!!  I did it this way because I really couldn't decide what color I wanted to wear on my nails for the weekend so....I picked 2 colors.

I have really been in a purple mood this summer.  It seems like half the time I have on some shade of purple shirt and/or purple eye shadows.  One day I even had in bobby pins with purple flowers and sparkles on them.

Anyway....back to my manicure.  I did this manicure on Thursday night, took the picture Monday night and it is now Tuesday night.  I have had some wearing and chipping on my tips, but I decided to just "patch it up" to prolong the manicure.  As long as you don't look too closely, it still looks pretty good.

Here is what I did:
  • base coat of Pro-FX Fiberized Ridge Filler 
  • 2 coats of Essie's "Nice is Nice"
  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
  • 2 coats on my tips of Sinful Color's "Verbena" (from both the Adventure Island and Beverly Hills 2011 collections)
  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

For curiosity's sake, every time I do some type of French manicure, whether classic or twisted, I always have free-handed my tips.  I do it by either carefully dabbing going across my nail or I turn my hand so that I do one continuous swipe across the tip of each nail.  It kind of depends on that particular nail's shape or if the color is going on blotchy.  One time I tried to use the guide sticker things and I ended up starting over the entire process because I wasn't happy with the way it turned out.

**All items purchased by me