Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project "Finish This Stuff", part 3

So for a couple of months now, I have been working on finishing bottles and tubes of miscellaneous beauty/personal care products that I have had for way too long.  I have definitely made progress towards my goal of cleaning out.

These are all products that I have used up (other than 2 that have just been thrown away).  

The Orly Spritz and the Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer were just disposed of.  The Orly product no longer came out of the sprayer, plus I think I read somewhere that quick-dry sprays could cause quicker chipping of nail polish.  The Rimmel primer I threw away because the last time I used it, it stung my face for a minute or two (plus it was expired).

I managed to finish 2 bottles of polish remover, a bottle of Dove Cream Oil body lotion (which I do like and may get again at some point), a bottle of Dove "energize" beauty body wash (it was all right) and a face cleanser.  I also managed to finish another chapstick and my Wet n Wild Lash Intense Mascara (this gave my lashes a "natural but better" look - slightly longer and darker).

As far as the rest of the bottles in the picture, I started and finished 2 bottles of spray sunscreen and a bottle of body wash, as well as a trial/travel size of mouth wash.

In addition to all of these products, I also went through my drawers and cabinets and managed to fill a shopping bag full of products that I no longer wanted.  This includes makeup items, nail polishes, face masks, hair products, and a couple of tools that I don't care for/hate (i.e. the Wet n Wild kabuki brush sucks).  This bag will eventually make its way with my hubby to where he works and all of the ladies he works with will most likely clean out the bag very quickly. 

**All items purchased by me

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