Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project "Finish This Stuff"

I have been inspired by the lovely ladies on Beauty Broadcast's facebook page to come up with a version of "project X pan".  I went through my bathroom and came up with many items that I really want to finish up because they are either old, don't like very much, or almost gone anyway.  I always feel that since I spent money on products, I should do my best to finish each rather than throw any away.  The only exception is if the product is extremely expired and has/had active ingredients that could cause issues if they were used so far past expiration.
I've decided that I don't care much for the polish remover, nor do I care for the Dr. Scholl's product that claims to be a cream that removes foot calluses.  For me, it hasn't worked at all.

The CeraVe is alright, but when I changed to a stronger night treatment, I started peeling and decided that it was because this lotion felt more like putting a gel rather than a moisturizer.

I like the Sally Hansen hand and cuticle cream but absolutely hate the package since you can't get everything out.  I have since sliced open the tube and have gotten almost a week's worth of uses out and there is still more.

I used ELF's zit zapper for about a week on some really sore pimples and did not notice any difference in the size of them.  As far as I am concerned, there are better treatments available.

I like the Neutrogena face wash, but I have so many cleansers open and in use that it was time to use up a bottle.  I have a new bottle of this in reserve, which my project does not include.

As for the mini tube of hand cream, the tube of foot lotion, and the 2 chapsticks, they are all just old and need to be used up so that I can use newer products.

This is not all of the products that I want to finish; some are so close to being finished that one more day and it will be gone so I didn't count these.

**All items purchased by me or my mom

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