Friday, May 20, 2011

Minnie Mouse fan teddy bear

I bought a really inexpensive plain white teddy bear from a craft store and personalized it.  I turned it into a Minnie Mouse fan.  This would look cute in other colors as well.

My supplies were:

  • small teddy bear
  • hot pink felt
  • black felt
  • black and white colors of Scribbles fabric paint
  • snap
  • needle and thread
  • strong, fast, clear drying glue (527 Multi-Use glue)
I cut out a strip of the hot pink felt to make into a skirt and put a running stitch at the top in order to be able to draw it up to fit the bear's body.  I then attached the snap pieces.  I painted the skirt last so that I would be able to hide any stitch marks with the glue.

The mouse ears band is simply a small strip of black felt glued straight onto the bear's head.  I then glued 2 black circles that I had cut out.  They were attached by putting the glue on the edge and holding for a few seconds.  

The bow is 2 pieces of pink felt folded in half and glued in the center, then painted.  This was glued on last and using the same method as the black circles.

The final step was free-handing  Mouse head on each foot.  This part was inspired by a stuffed animal I had seen on the Disney Store's website a couple of years ago.

**All items purchased by me

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